About the Baskets

The baskets are made primarily of pine needles and raffia (raphia). Most needles are from the slash pine (Pinus elliottii), native to the southeast United States. The needles, from five to 11 inches long, average about nine inches in length. They can be harvested green from the trees and dried to a light gray-green or they can be collected after they turn tan or brown. Needles from other pine trees also are used.

Other natural products are also woven into some baskets, such as flax stems, Panama grass, maiden hair fern stems, rattan, porcupine quills, pine cone scales etc. Some bases are crafted from dried gourds, citrus skins and cantaloupe skins. For a dramatic accent, some needles and raffia are dyed with both natural and synthetic dyes. Each basket is unique!

Every basket is signed on the bottom with a small central floret. The floret color changes every year. Precision is Bob's primary goal with tightly woven walls of a thickness of several needles This requires many stitches per square inch. Depending upon its size, a basket can take Bob up to two weeks to make. You will derive as much pleasure from them as Bob has had in making them.

The baskets catch the eye when placed on a prominent shelf in your living room or bedroom, on a credenza, cocktail table or on a platform above a buffet. These unique baskets will arouse immediate interest and become a conversation piece in your home or office.

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